Help us improve mental health in Johnson County.

Friends of Johnson County Mental Health exists to support and expand the reach of mental health services in our county. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, our work reduces barriers to allow for more resources and initiatives to occur which support the mission and vision of Johnson County Mental Health Center.

Through fundraising, special programs, advocacy and more, we come alongside the mental health center to help address unmet behavioral health needs and improve lives in our community.

Impact Stories

A person putting a water bottle in a backpack.
“With the help from Friends, we were able to provide hygiene kits and food to those experiencing homelessness. The impact is huge. Hunger and lack of access to hygiene products can take a significant toll on one’s mental health. I see the relief and gratitude on each client’s face.”

– Samantha

Access Team Clinician

Paint brushes laying on a canvas.

“Art activities have made a huge impact on clients struggling with self-esteem and depression. Art has a way of giving someone a way to express emotions when they have no words. Through Friends, clients were able to experience a local pottery café, giving them a sense of community and accomplishment.”

– Kristin

Case Manager Assistant

Mental health banner with encouraging messages like “You Matter”.
“Zero Reasons Why made such an impactful change in our community. The funding makes the impact on the community greater. Knowing that adults actually care goes a long way and makes us feel comfortable talking about what’s going on.”

– Komal

Zero Reasons Why Teen Council

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