Our Impact

Our work to improve mental wellbeing in Johnson County doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all approach. The ways we engage are as diverse as our community’s needs. What unifies our efforts is the desire to see people thrive – that often comes with a need for more resources or additional funding. The programs and services we support meet both individual and community-wide needs. Learn more about the primary areas we support below.


Community Education & Outreach

This focus area includes community-wide efforts focused on preventing mental health struggles before they arise, such as suicide prevention work, substance use prevention and positive mental health promotion.


Client Support

This focus area includes meeting the needs of JCMHC clients that help them live mentally healthy lives. Examples include funding educational opportunities, activity fees and medical or housing expenses for adults, kids and families.


Staff Development

This focus area includes efforts that equip and encourage the mental health professionals at JCMHC in their daily work, such as supporting education and implementation of research-based interventions and best practices.


Special Programs

This focus area includes special areas of interest or ongoing programming that align with the goals of JCMHC. Learn more below about some of the unique programs we support to reach more people in our community.

Mental Health Continuum of Care Infographic.

Mental Health Continuum of Care

Friends of JCMHC supports efforts across all aspects of the mental health continuum of care, including promotion, prevention, treatment and recovery. We recognize the need for strong support and increased access in all areas, while also helping our community move upstream to prevent mental health crises whenever possible.

Special Programs Features

People sitting at tables listening to a speaker at a county Suicide Prevention Coalition meeting.

Suicide Prevention Coalition

With monthly collaborative meetings of leaders from a variety of sectors in our community, the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition saves and supports life through awareness, education and outreach efforts.
A group of teens walking with Zero Reasons Why signs.

Zero Reasons Why

A teen-led storytelling and community mobilization campaign, Zero Reasons Why works to remove the stigma of mental health and prevent teen suicide. The campaign gives teens a platform to openly discuss mental health and create change.

Financial Information

Friends of Johnson County Mental Health Center financial documents from Fiscal Year 2021 are now available for download. These include our form 990 and the full, audited financial statements. If you have questions, please contact us.
For meeting minutes, please email info@friendsofjcmhc.org
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